Legal, commercial, journalistic, technical, scientific, literary translations from/into German, Italian, English, French, Spanish and Dutch

A good translation requires the right balance between precision and imagination, experience and investigation, as well as a conspicuous proficiency with language and knowledge of available tools, all of which are coordinated in good teamwork. These are the essential elements we provide in our work. Moreover, we believe in having a transparent relationship with our clients, also as regards the matter of pricing:

  • all translations are performed by highly qualified native language speakers and then reviewed internally or revised by an external language service provider (i.e. two "sets of eyes"). The price of a translation also includes a correction phase so that any changes you request may be made.
  • the price of a translation is calculated on the number of key strokes/words in the source language, so that the customer is always aware of the unit price. Working times vary depending on the length of the text; for shorter texts we provide delivery within three days.
  • you can get a consultation (also over the phone) for your request or work assignment at any time.

Use our Request service to receive a free cost and time estimate with no obligation. Tell us the type and length of your text and provide us with the details for your preferred method of contact: we will let you know how we can help - usually within 24 hours.


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