22 Nov

Some tips for assignments ...

how to prepare for translation assignments

  • Consider the time required for a translation: as a rule, it takes at least one working day for every 4 standard pages of 1500 key strokes plus 1-2 days from our acceptance, during which the agency organises the work to be performed.
  • Translations often differ in length from the original text. The layout of your company documents should be flexible.
  • Identify a person in the company to check the outgoing and incoming texts and review them together with the translation agency.
  • Draw up a glossary of technical terms specific to your products or company for each document or type of document you provide.
  • Before assigning a document for translation in multiple languages, have the source text examined by a coordinator or external specialist (for revision), especially if it has been drawn up internally by several different people and/or by technical personnel.
  • Provide the agency with information about the market and target group, as well as the exact use to be made of your texts, especially if they are commercial documents.
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