25 Jul

Things to know – for you and us!


Welcome to Pro text's website! These pages will provide you with some tips on how best to prepare a text for translation or editing so that the final result lives up to your expectations.

We would also like to provide you with interesting news on developments in the linguistic marketplace, as well as the opportunity to ask questions or make requests.

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20 Jan
22 Nov

Some tips for assignments ...

Consider the time required for a translation: as a rule, it takes at least one working day for every 4 standard pages of 1500 key strokes plus 1-2 days from our acceptance, during which the agency organises the work to be performed ...

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21 Nov

How to prepare text revisions

First of all, check for proper use of spelling and punctuation (correction) or, if the syntax, style, title and lists (revision) also need to be assessed...


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